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Drywall, also known as gypsum or plaster board is a material, perfect for constructing ceilings, walls and other interior features. It is very easy to use, and also has the added feature of durability and long life. Its perfectly flat surface is easier to plaster and paint, and the result is a faster and more cost efficient building process.

a worker taping freshly installed drywall

If you have a hole in your ceiling or yellow stains on your walls, then you need a professional drywall service like the one provided by Affordable Painting & Drywall LLC. Our experienced division in Coon Rapids, MN is known for performing prompt and efficient drywall repairs. We perform a wide variety of repairs and modifications like hanging, taping, patching and sanding to new and existing drywall.

When remodeling, improving or restoring your home after a flood, you will need a drywall contractor. At Affordable Painting & Drywall LLC, we aim to provide a service with quality, that exceeds customer expectations,  by putting this type of work in the hands of our highly trained and skilled workforce. They utilize the highest quality supplies and tools to deliver satisfactory results, first time! Benefit from our drywall and power wash services. Call us on (763) 807-1051 and let us prove we are the leading contractor in the area.